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Manuel was born in El Burgo, a nice village in Málaga, Spain. He studied a bachelor in Computer Sciences and a bachelor and MSc in Mathematics, both in the university of Málaga.

He started to work in ARPA solutions, a company from Málaga where he worked inside Augmented reality projects. In May 2015, Manuel arrived to Switzerland with an IAESTE internship in the university FHNW and he was working for one year in the research projects FLARECAST and HELIO.

In June 2016, Manuel finished his studies and he joined to the SPLab as a scientific assistant where he solves software design problems in the cloud-native applications research initiative with a special interest in elasticity and stateful microservices. Within the initiative, Manuel initially started working in the ARKIS project where he designed and implemented a cloud-native microservices application which offers several multi-tenancy options or a testbed to compare cloud-native database. Currently, Manuel is working in the MOSAIC project to ease the onboarding of cloud applications in container platforms. 

Recent activities include: