logoConcord is a supporting action of the FI PPP programme having as main EC objective the harmonisation, dissemination, facilitation and content of the core platform (FI-WARE), the Cloud Infrastructure (XIFI) and Use Case Projects.

From Phase 2 onward , one of the challenge of FI PPP, and therefore of Concord, is the deployment of the Generic Enablers (i.e IoT, QoS, Cloud, Bigdata etc..) of FI-WARE by Use Case Projects above the Cloud Infrastructure of XIFI available by telcos.

To support and  kick the activities off in Germany most of the agenda of the boards (Architecture, Advisory and Steering) have been drafted together with the plan for dissemination and events.  Most of the partners of Concord shall meet at the FIA in Dublin from 8 to 10 May.

FI-PPP programme will assume relevance from the phase 3 when most of the projects will be sustainable and in operation involving Small & Medium Enterprises selected by Concord project.