During his travel in USA, in Jun 2014, the researcher Antonio Cimmino (Zurich University of Applied Science, ICCLab) had the opportunity to visit the MIT SENSEable City Lab, in Cambridge Massachusetts USA, invited by the Director Dr. Carlo Ratti.

The SENSEable City Lab is radically transforming the way the cities are described and understood; alongside the tools they use to design them and impact on their physical structure. Studying these changes from a critical point of view and anticipating them is the goal of the SENSEable City Laboratory, a new strong research initiative at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

InIT Cloud Computing Lab (ICCLab), is deeply involved in the Future Internet Public Partnership Programme (FI-PPP) of the European Commission which includes in its objectives enabling infrastructures for the internet and use cases for smart city sectors.

It is therefore envisaged that in future the initiatives of the two Laboratories, might have some common activities and collaborations at same international events.

Many thanks to the staff of Carlo.

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