ICCLab had the privilege to talk about our latest research activities in “Rating, Charging & Billing” & “Performance analysis of live migrations in OpenStack” at the #vBrownBag Tech talks which were held as part of OpenStack summit in Paris. Here we provide a short summary of each talk and include the captured video for your viewing pleasure!

Dynamic Rating, Charging & Billing for cloud

In this talk, Srikanta talks about the idea behind the creation of a Proof of Concept (PoC) through which Rating, Charging & Billing functionalities were demonstrated. Later on the drawbacks with the PoC are mentioned and are used as the reason behind the development of a modular and micro services based approach. Finally, all the micro services associated with the new architecture are explained. A link to the presentation is available here.

Performance analysis of live migrations in OpenStack

In this talk, Vojtech focuses on performance of live migration and block live migration in Icehouse release of OpenStack using QEMU with KVM support. Since live migration provides options to fluidly manage load in cloud environments it is one of the key-tools for load management automation. Therefore it is crucial to understand and explore its limits and possibilities in various types of loads and use cases from both the server and virtual machine perspective. Link to presentation is available here.