The second project meeting of the GEYSER project was held in ZHAW on Feb 5-6.


Marco cannot hide his Italian roots when being persuasive!

The project is getting up to speed now and the meeting provided an opportunity for all the project partners to report on their current activities and progress and also for all to progress the requirements and common understanding of the GEYSER platform. Key to this was a discussion of the set of scenarios that the GEYSER platform can be applied to: scenarios which mix networked Data Centres (of different types) and Smart Grids (of varying levels of capability). Over the coming months, the requirements will be documented as well as the high level system architecture and design.

From our selfish ICCLab point of view, we had productive discussions with our TUC colleagues and we are beginning to progress some of our initial work on inter-DC load migration, on which we will report more soon.