ICCLab Colloquium : Stephan Haller from Vigience

Special thanks to Stephan Haller (Head of Solution & Service Delivery – International) for his visit and talk about  Vigience’s cloud applications and services.

Vigience is a globally active SME, providing high-quality products and consulting services in the area of cloud computing, mobile business and SAP. They serve their clients through their offices in Japan, Switzerland and the USA. The presentation (downlad slides) introduces the company as well as its two main products, QuiXilver and Overcast:

  • QuiXilver is a secure PaaS solution developed for teams of information workers. It is both a social collaboration platform to share files, communicate better, and manage projects as well as a platform to easily develop additional productivity and cloud data base applications.
  • Overcast™ is a business cloud computing environment to rapidly develop and deploy enterprise system add-ons and mash-ups. Overcast works with the leading business cloud platforms such as Salesforce.com, Microsoft SharePoint and NetSuite. Enterprise connectivity is added through the Overcast Enterprise Gateway as a native service to these platforms, removing the need to install or learn a new middleware tool. Thus enterprise data from SAP, SQL Server or Oracle based systems can be exposed to the cloud in mere minutes in a scalable and secure way.

About Stephan
Stephan Haller (Head of Solution & Service Delivery – International)
Stephan leads the international solution and service delivery team, i.e. he manages consulting projects and ensures a high-quality service. His professional background includes many years at SAP where he was a Development Architect and Research Program Manager (RFID / Internet of Things).

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