ICCLab awarded AWS in Education Grant

Great news from the other side of the pond!

The ICCLab Cloud-Native Applications (CNA) initiative has been awarded an AWS Research Education grant for accessing cloud resources on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. Congrats to Sandro and Giovanni (yours truly) for the achievement and a big thanks to Amazon for this.

The AWS Research education grant provides credit for using AWS services for education and research purposes. As a teacher or a researcher, you can experiment with all the current AWS services and grant access to your students and collaborators. You can find more information about it and the form to apply here: http://aws.amazon.com/grants/

The awarded credit can be used in the next two years

This grant gives us the chance to gain hands on experience in how to build cloud-native applications leveraging the wide set of Amazon services. We’re especially excited on trying some of the more recently released ones like EC2 Container or AWS Lambda which fit well into our idea and understanding of how to build cloud-native applications more efficiently. More blog posts about results and lessons learnt will follow in the near future.

AWS Services
A list of AWS Services available at our fingertips

The ICCLab (and ZHAW) join the list of previous AWS grant recipients: http://aws.amazon.com/education/aws-in-education-research-grants/

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