Green and Energy-efficient Networking Workshop – 22 October 2013, Brussels

This workshop on “Green and Energy-efficient Networking” is jointly organized by the FP7 projects TREND and ECOnet, together with the GreenTouch Consortium.

It is organized in the context of the FI Cluster and is also open to the relevant experts and researchers of projects usually participating in the RAS and CaON Clusters.

The agenda foresees presentations, panels and interactive (live) discussions between the participants.

The fisrt session of the day is dedicated to the “Energy Efficiency Modelling and Metrics” with presentations and interaction with participants. The topics discussed are related to core networks, wireless access networks and wired network devices including green metering & wireless network modelling by GreenTouch.

The second session addresses “Project Perspectives and Research Challenges” where the projects, dealing with green technologies, have the possibility to briefly present their focus, key outcomes, next steps in green networking. Presentations planned from UniverSelf, FLAMINGO, CONCERTO, MobileCloud, Content, GEYSER, eBalance, and others.

The workshop ends with panel discussion and Closing by EC Officers and Future Internet Cluster Chairs.

IMG_20131022_152228 IMG_20131022_135749