Florian Dudouet is a researcher at the ICCLAB with a focus on performance measurement and optimization for cloud environments. His research interests are originally related to cloud interoperability but since being at the lab he had started working on Cloud Performance initially and is now currently part of the Cloud Orchestration initiative. He is currently working on the Mobile Cloud Networking FP7 project and the Solidna project.

Before joining the lab, Florian was a research engineer with Inria in Rennes, France. He worked on open-source software forges as a part of the Coclico French project then went on to work on cloud computing as a part of the Inria Myriads team where he participated in the Contrail FP7 project, working mainly on the cloud-middleware tool called Virtual Execution Platform. In the course of this work he used open-source standards such as OVF and CIMI and worked with virtualization tools such as OpenNebula and OpenStack.

Contact: florian.dudouet@zhaw.ch