Brussels 30th January 2014

The first Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Concertation Workshop took place in Brussels with the aim, to maximize the opportunity for Europe to benefit from SDN research. All the participants showed their current and future research projects in the area of SDN related to the following topics:

  • Share their latest SDN-related research results and achievements;
  • Raise awareness within the FIRE community and beyond of their research;
  • Exploit project synergies by sharing best practices;
  • Identify common gaps/challenges for future investigation.

Because of the strong relation to the FIRE project, there were a lot of discussion about the existing and future of SDN-testbeds. Regarding this discussion the following two presentations are highlighted here in this post:

The OFELIA project currently operates multiple OpenFlow sites where this sites are managed by GENI  – what is a controller framework. Regarding this, GEANT is also jumping on the Testbed market. GEANT presented their solution for TaaS (Testbed as a Service) that is, at the moment, not compatible to existing OpenFlow sites because of the differences in the controller framework.

Philipp Aeschlimann from the ICCLab gave a talk about the role of SDN in NFV and how this is implemented in the MCN project.