The first meeting of the SDN Group Switzerland took place at SWITCH, organized by Philipp Aeschlimann from the ICCLab and Kurt Baumann from SWITCH. There were close to 40 participants from Universities around Switzerland with the goal, to bring researchers and campus IT operators on one table and talk about SDN.


The talks were targeting a wide range of topics along the research theme SDN:

  • Privacy Proxy (ETHZ, Bernhard Ager)
  • Outsourcing the Routing Control Logic (ETHZ, Xenofontas Dimitropoulos)

  • Lab Experiences with OpenFlow (SDN) (ETHZ, Derk-Jan Valenkamp)
  • A framework inspired by Chemical-reaction networks (UniBas, Manolis Siflakis)
  • Proposal, a new abstraction of a network, fault tolerant and heavily automation (EPFL, Maciej Kuzniar)
  • SDNs and Cloud Computing for the Swiss academic community (SWITCH, Simon Leinen)
  • QoS with OpenFlow for OpenStack on the wire (ZHAW, Philipp Aeschlimann)
  • Software-Defined Service-Centric Networking (UniBE, Torsten Braun)
  • OFELIA Testbed for Experimentation with OpenFlow/SDN (ETHZ, Vasileios Kotronis)

The SDN Group Switzerland was having a good start along with this topics and for the second meeting is planned at ZHAW in Winterthur we will keep the good mix between research and operational SDN tasks. A further goal is to invite also industrial partners. If you are interested in the SDN Group Switzerland, join the linkedIn group or contact one of the two chairs of the group directly (Philipp Aeschlimann or Kurt Baumann). The periode in we want to have meetings are 3 months and a blog with the topics will be created soon. From the ICCLab attended Piyush Harsh, Thomas Michael Bohnert, Antonio Cimmino and Philipp Aeschlimann. If you are intrested in the SDN research topics of the ICCLab, there will be multiple options for you: