On 23rd March, we celebrated Docker’s 3rd b’day. The lab is actively involved in organising Docker meetups in Switzerland, join the group to learn more about the upcoming events.

This particular meetup was one amongst the worldwide series of events that Docker was supporting. The 3rd b’day celebration event was held by offering free Docker training to the newbies. We had about 55 people who joined in the training and several of them successfully finished the training. Following picture shows the number of people who successfully finished the training and could pin up in the worldwide Docker map.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.31.53







Sebastien Goasguen, founder of Skippbox, who is a known name in CloudStack and container technology in Switzerland was the mentor of the group and ran the training. There were also other mentors (people with advanced Docker skills) who were helping the ones who faced a problem. The materials required for the training was provided by Docker and was also specified what tools needed to be pre-installed so as to have a smooth and quick start into the process.

A big shout out to the host and the sponsors of the event, Rackspace Zurich, Puzzle ITC & NetIT Services.


The Docker 3rd b’day special cake!








All the training material is still available, if someone wants to take up the challenge themselves, they are encouraged to do so. We were extremely happy with the outcome of the event, we received several positive feedbacks, and would like to repeat such an event.

Here are some of the glimpses of the Docker 3rd b’day celebration + training.

IMG_1600 IMG_1606 IMG_1610 IMG_1614

Getting started.






Introductory information.











Mentors watching over the training process for a one to one support.





More meetups are coming up. Stay tuned for more information!