ICCLAB is often kind to  organise and host discussions with key professors from academy and players from the industry.

Last 18th of July, Alba Julio and Montserrat Pellicer from Dell –  Enterprise Solutions & Networking visited us for an open discussion on Software Defined Network (SDN) technologies. Most of researchers were attending from ICCLAB.

The event, of about two hours, was dedicated to introduce respective activities and solutions on SDN, in particular for the cloud infrastructures. Due to the background of participants, on technologies for the network, some time was also dedicated to review how the introduction of SDN / OpenFlow is evolving or progressing with different success in the cloud and in the public network.

After a briefing on his technical background and career, Julio illustrated the strategy of Dell about SDN and the solutions going to be offered to the market. This are solutions for Data Center cluster infrastructures which are already introduced in some large customer installations.

ICCLAB is currently involved in studies of SDN based on Openflow solutions as also reported in other blogs .  Some of the OpenStack Cluster solutions can be deployed easily with a SDN architecture for the ICCLAB internal network infrastructure and data center test environments.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to review possible forms of future collaborations. Concerning collaborations in EU research projects, Thomas Bohnert was so kind to introduce the Future Internet Public Partnership Programme (FI PPP) as one of the key element for funding in many ICT sectors.   It will be further evaluated possible participation to FI PPP and other programmes (H2020) together with common participation to scientific programme and workshops.

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