Last week the ICCLab’s RCB Initiative released a new Cyclops code base with added support for CloudStack platform. Until last week’s release Cyclops came with native support for OpenStack only. Now Cyclops’ Dashboard can properly associate CloudStack user account details and the Cyclops UDR micro-service can pull CloudStack meters list and associated usage data for further processing by the framework.  Lets take a quick look of this new feature in this demo.

The demo shows how a CloudStack admin would use Cyclops’ Dashboard to create a bill for their cloud users. The demo illustrates the complete work-flow in Cyclops from the very first step of account login to configuring CloudStack meters, visualization of the collected usage data, application of appropriate rates to the collected data and then computation of charge records out of it.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 16.21.40

In the coming week RCB team will be releasing Cyclops’ newest micro-service – with a powerful prediction engine at its core. As always staying true to its RESTful design, this new micro-service too will include REST APIs using which Cyclops Dashboard will be able to visualize forecasted data trends as informative charts and graphs.

Stay tuned for our forthcoming release announcements!

With love from the Cyclops team. For further details please contact us at