The RCB initiative is happy to announce that Cyclops, our Rating-Charging-Billing solution for Cloud providers, now supports Cloudstack framework as well as external application specific Event based rating, charging and billing. Not only that, we now have a cool logo as well.


There are several novel features in the pipeline, and as the RCB initiative now has more researchers on board, one can expect to see a faster development and release cycle.

In today’s public release, Cyclops users can now log into their Cloudstack accounts from it’s Dashboard and monitor the consumption of all the vanilla Cloudstack meters. The OpenStack support was already included and still is into this week’s release.


Cyclops UDR now processes the usage of those meters and generates Usage Data Records, Cyclops RC creates charge reports out of those and finally Cyclops Billing generates bills out of these charge records seamlessly.

Regarding the Event based metering, charging and bill generation, Cyclops utilizes application specific billable events sent to RabbitMQ as long as the events conforms to the specified Format. With such events Cyclops is able to compute all the intermediate charge records from such independent and properly timestamped metered data objects.

Stay tuned for our forthcoming exciting features!

Cyclops Team.