Setup a Kubernetes Cluster on OpenStack with Heat

In this post we take a look at Kubernetes and help you setup a Kubernetes Cluster on your existing OpenStack Cloud using its Orchestration Service Heat. This Kubernetes Cluster should only be used as a Proof of Concept. Technology involved: Kubernetes: CoreOS: etcd: fleet: flannel: kube-register: The Heat Template used in this Post is available on […]

A Web Application to Monitor and Understand Energy Consumption in an Openstack Cloud

In one of our projects we need to understand the energy consumption of our servers. Our initial work in this direction involved collecting energy consumption data using Kwapi and storing it in Ceilometer for further study. The data stored in Ceilometer is valuable; however, it is insufficient to really understand energy consumption in detail. Consequently, […]

Ceph: OSD “down” and “out” of the cluster – An obvious case

When setting up a cluster with ceph-deploy, just after the ceph-deploy osd activate phase and the distribution of keys, the OSDs should be both “up” and “in” the cluster. One thing that is not mentioned in the quick-install documentation with ceph-deploy or the OSDs monitoring or troubleshooting page (or at least I didn’t find it), is that, upon (re-)boot, mounting […]

Deploy Ceph and start using it: end to end tutorial – simple librados client (part 3/3)

(Part 1/3 – Installation – Part 2/3 – troubleshooting) This part of the tutorial describes how to setup a simple Ceph client using librados (for C++). The only information that the client requires for the cephx authentication is Endpoint of the monitor node Keyring containing the pre-shared secret (we will use the admin keyring) Install librados APIs On Ubuntu, […]

Deploy Ceph and start using it: end to end tutorial – Troubleshooting (part 2/3)

(Part 1/3 – Installation – Part 3/3 – librados client) It is quite common that after the initial installation, the Ceph cluster reports health warnings. Before using the cluster for storage (e.g., allow clients to access it), a HEALTH_OK state should be reached: cluster-admin@ceph-mon0:~/ceph-cluster$ ceph health HEALTH_OK This part of the tutorial provides some troubleshooting hints that I […]