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Announcing CF WebUI – an open source web interface to Cloud Foundry

We proudly announce the release of CF WebUI!

CF WebUI is a modern single-page web front-end for Cloud Foundry based on AngularJS and Bootstrap. It is developed at the ICCLab as an open source alternative to commercial and proprietary web-consoles for Cloud Foundry.

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Lidia Fernández Garcés

LidiaLidia joined ICCLab in July 2015. She is currently finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Technologies and Services Engineering at UPM (Technical University of Madrid), with a specialization in Telematic. She found this opportunity through IAESTE. This is her second internship: in the first internship, she worked in a private company in Poland, also through the IAESTE exchange program.

Outside the lab, she is eager in circus art. She has been part of the organization of EUCIMA, the biggest Circus Convention in Spain. She also plays volleyball and loves to travel.

Lidia will be working in PaaS with Christof Marti.