SPLab Colloquium on Serverless Continuum

The third invited talk in our colloquium series in 2018 was given by Martin Garriga, at that time finishing his time as post-doctoral fellow at Politecnico di Milano’s Deep SE group, and now continuing as lecturer at the Informatics Faculty at National University of Comahue (UNComa) in Patagonia, Argentina. Martin, like several people at the Service Prototyping Lab, has been interested for quite some time in serverless computing, as evidenced by his ESOCC 2017 article on empowering low-latency applications with OpenWhisk and related tools (see details). In his colloquium talk, entitled «Towards the Serverless Continuum», he reflected on this work and proposed a wider view on a spectrum from mobile applications over edge nodes to, eventually, powerful cloud platforms.

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Stefan Junker

Stefan Junker is a research assistant in the Service Prototyping Lab at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.

After finishing his Information Technology specific Abitur he started gathering industrial experience during a three-year apprenticeship as an IT specialist. Afterwards he began his academic career with a B. Sc. and M. Sc. both in Computer Sciences at the HTWG Konstanz. His B. Sc. Thesis was on Car to Car communication services, where he worked on service discovery and messaging in meshed WiFi networks. In his M. Sc. Thesis, he evaluated the effect on memory-safety when using a memory-safe programming language (Rust) to implement the multi-tasking features within an Operating System.

Parallel to his studies, he worked as an IT laboratory engineer at HTWG Konstanz, as a self-employed IT specialist supporting customers with cloud-based virtual desktop environments, and contracted for CoreOS Inc. to develop cutting-edge Linux-container technologies.
Towards the end of his studies, he had the opportunity to hold lectures on Operating Systems and System Software to Bachelor students at HTWG Konstanz.

After finishing all the above, he joined the Service Prototyping Lab due to his interest in API driven Cloud Services, where he has started to conduct research in intermediary services in multi-cloud environments.