Month: February 2017

When the Open Access world is not enough

by Josef Spillner

The world of research is a complex one which despite myths does not exist in isolation. And publishing is another world within this world which is mythical even to most researchers. Open access models are being widely discussed, but there are trends and necessities going beyond and evaluating other, more consequent options. This post reports on the trends and options with the aim of becoming a text piece rich enough of information to initiate fruitful discussions on how we, as wider research community around service, cloud, distributed computing, should publish our work, our results and our interactions around them.

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Title: MOSAIC – Monitored Platform for Container-Based Applications

Industry Partner: VSHN AG

Research Partner: SPLab and ICCLab, ZHAW

Funded ByCommission for Technology and Innovation

Summary: The MOSAIC project focuses on providing a platform for delivering any kind of application as a service, with a focus on container-based applications. It features an integrated incident management system as well as a container-optimized storage system. The platform will be able to deploy hybrid applications split into multiple locations, optimizing resiliency and cost in the process, as well as support continuous integration and deployment of each service.

Project MOSAIC aims to deliver a platform to deploy and manage distributed, container-based applications. None of the currently available Platform-as-a-Service frameworks provide the same benefits to application developers: MOSAIC delivers a vendor-independent, Platform-as-a-Service framework independent, software suite which can orchestrate applications on multiple providers, automatically monitor them during runtime, automatically detect and resolve runtime incidents, all based on a custom storage backend optimized specifically for container-based cloud-native applications.