Month: December 2015




‘Labbers at the last Motörhead concert in Switzerland

StickTrack – ICCLab hackathon project

[Note: this project took place as part of the ICCLab Hackathon – more general information on the ICCLab Hackathon is here].

Shared inventories, such as office fridges that contains items having an expiration date, have always been a problem to manage. Our very own fridge isn’t an exception either. At the moment, about 35 of us (ICCLab & DataLab guys) sharing the same fridge, go through the everyday hassle of remembering what food article do they have in the fridge and which one needs to be consumed or thrown away due their expiration date. After a terrible period of “fridge-chaos” (* – November 2015) Annette came up with a practical solution to the problem which involved manually written labels written on each food article in the fridge. There was a person assigned (thanks Denis) only for maintaining the fridge’s healthy ecosystem and check for any growth of life! Meaning that Denis was responsible to continuously check the expiration of food articles and inform their owners to take immediate action. Since then we thought of ways to automate this 1845 technology and came up with StickTrack – a QR-code based inventory tracking solution notifying our small fridge community what’s going inside of the fridge. Me, Lidia, Martin, Oleksii, Andy, Piyush and Amrita (also known as “Un Palo” team) decided to make the future happen during our internal 3-day hackathon. Continue reading

MS Dynamics Products in the Cloud

The MS Dynamic Academic Alliance conference in Barcelona focused this year from November, 30th to December, 2nd 2015 on new versions of the Microsoft products Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamics Navision 2016 that are now available as fully “cloud-based” versions. So enterprises do not need to have their own server infrastructure anymore. Rather, they can now fully base on application-services provided in the MS Azure Cloud. While MS CRM was already available in previous versions (since CRM v2013) as a cloud-based solutions, the availability of MS Dynamics Navision 2016 as a “Cloud-based” ERP-solution is a new variation of business-software offered by MS in the Azure-cloud.

MS Dynamics Academic Conference

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The first ICCLab hackathon – a fun and productive few days

Here in ICCLab, we’ve always been interested in the hackathon approach as a way to develop small but practical ideas and make demonstrable prototypes rapidly. With all of our other commitments, it has been difficult for us to set aside the time for such an event, but we finally managed to do this last week.

The scope was loose, with the objective being to develop something which can be demonstrated; we had a small preference for work which was related to our core business – cloud technologies – but we were quite flexible on this point. Continue reading

Putting your OpenStack Horizon dashboard into a Docker Container

In one of our projects, GEYSER, we were looking into a way of packaging customized code for a pilot test. Generally, we developed µservices which communicate with key Openstack components and we have specifically modified Openstack Horizon code by adding a new dashboard. These µservices as well as Openstack Horizon are quite decoupled from the core Openstack system meaning that communication is done mostly through external API calls rather than a message bus. A number of packaging options were considered: basic packaging python code is relatively straightforward but does not offer the flexibility we require, specifically around rollback. Other solutions include virtual environments or virtual machines, but ultimately, we decided to use Docker containers they are all the rage these days. This blog post describes step-by-step how to containerize Horizon in docker, noting any particular issues we observed in the process. Continue reading

Announcing the first international workshop on cloud robotics

First a short reminder: the deadline for submission at the International Workshop on Cloud Native Applications Design and ExperienceCNAX 2016 is approaching quickly: submission deadline is on Dec. 21st!

With that out of the way, we’re delighted to announce that ICCLab and SPLab are organizing the first International Workshop on Cloud Robotics (IWCR 2016) together with our friends over at Rapyuta Robotics.

The workshop will be held In conjunction with the 6th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science – CLOSER 2016 which is set to take place in Rome between the 23rd and 25th of April 2016.

Cloud robotics is a very exciting topic bridging the physical and virtual world. It allows on the one hand to extend the limited processing capabilities of robots by leveraging cloud computing, and on the other it means that robots will be able to access web services providing them with unique advanced capabilities (e.g., speech recognition, Google goggles, knowledge sharing…). But yeah, what we’re all excited about is that we get to play with robots!

For more information on the workshop and the call for papers have a look at the workshop official page:

We’re looking forward to a great workshop on this hot topic, so please consider participating, sending a paper, and help us spread the word!

The submission deadline is January 22, 2016





5th Docker & 7th CloudFoundry usergroups meetup

IMG_1225Last night we organised the 5th Docker Switzerland user group meetup in Zürich. The event was co-located with the 7th CloudFoundry DACH user group meetup as well. We were overwhelmed to see the participation, the meetup page showed about a 100 people registered for the event, but about 75 showed up. Still it was a packed room at the ZHAW Lagerstrasse building in Zürich.  Continue reading