Call for Papers: 2nd Open Cloud Day

Place: Plenumssaal, ZHAW, Campus Technikumstrasse 9, Winterthur
Date: 11th June 2013
Audience: 100-150 participants
Time: 09:00-17:00

1. Pietro Brossi, ICCLab
2. Mark Waber, /ch/open, Puzzle ITC GmbH
3. Thomas Michael Bohnert, ICCLab
4. Matthias Günter, /ch/open, GnostX GmbH

Motivation and Goal
Cloud Computing becomes more and more important. To get the full power of clouds in the view of /ch/open these clouds should be open according of the principles open cloud initiative ( http :/ / www . opencloudinitiative . org /).  The goal is to foster open clouds and interoperability of clouds. Especially taking into account the requirements of public administrations and large as well as small and medium-sized businesses. In this conference especially concrete stacks are discussed. At least one of the afternoon tracks will explicitly be technical. The developments in Gov Clouds is also discussed. The conference builds on the success of the first Open Cloud Day in 2012.

Possible Program
The event is planned as a full day event with two or three tracks.

Track: Building Clouds with Open Stack
Suggestions and participation in that track is welcome.

Track: Data in the Cloud and Interoperability
Suggestions and participation in that track are welcome.

Track: n.n.
We take suggestions on the topic of a third track.

Call for Participation
We are looking for:

1. Speeches and suggestions for speeches with the following information: Presenter, Title and Abstract until the 24st February 2013
2. Sponsors: 4-5x CHF 2’000.- for: naming in all publications, placing of a banner, a slot in the talks, 2 free tickets, participation at the annual sponsoring dinner of /ch/open.

Target Audience
CIOs and Technical Managers
IT staff in public administrations and businesses
Technical Architects, System Engineers and Software Developers
Members of Open Source cloud projects
Cloud software vendors and service providers

Target Pricing
CHF 180.-
CHF 130.- (early bird: until 5.4.2013)
CHF 110.- for members of /ch/open, SI, swissICT, EuroCloud, Universities, public
administrations and open source developers. Early Bird (before 5.4.2013, CHF 80.-)
Sponsors get 2 free tickets.

Please send your suggestions before the 20th February 2013:
Matthias Günter, 079 457 13 22,