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From Bare Metal to Cloud

This is the presentation that was presented at the [EGI Technical Forum 2012 in Prague](http://tf2012.egi.eu/).

If you like, [download the slides as pdf](http://blog.zhaw.ch/icclab/files/2012/09/From-Bare-Metal-to-Cloud.pdf).

There is also a youtube video showing the various stages of bring bare metal machines to a state such that they have OpenStack installed and operational.

For those in attendance or those that are interested in how all of this is done, all information, HOWTOs, code, virtual machine images are available from this site.

The talk had an excellent attendance and there is great interest in using OpenStack within the EGI FedCloud environment, especially one where the installation is automated as with our work.

ICCLab EGI TF Audience


Video: ICCLab Presenting on Open Standards, OpenStack @ /ch/open

The ICCLab team presented gave a live demo of our [OpenStack cluster](http://www.cloudcomp.ch/2012/06/whats-powering-the-icclab/) at the /ch/open [Open Cloud Day](http://www.ch-open.ch/index.php?id=1034). It was an excellent day with many view points from governmental all the way down to Infrastructure as a Service and automation.

The presentation given in this video and more details of the talk can be [found in this article](http://www.cloudcomp.ch/2012/06/icclab-presented-at-open-ch/).