N_O_conf: nagios-based monitoring of Openstack made easy

“The autoscaling cloud monitoring system that requires no manual reconfiguration” “Nagios OS autoconfigurator” (N_O_conf) is a cloud monitoring system that automatically adapts its monitoring behavior to the current user-initiated VM infrastructure. N_O_conf works by installing a cloud environment change listener daemon which is repeatedly polling the OpenStack API for changes in the VM infrastructure. As […]

Nagios / Ceilometer integration: new plugin available

The famous Nagios open source monitoring system has become a de facto standard in recent years. Unlike commercial monitoring solutions Nagios does not come as a one-size-fits-all monitoring system with thousands of monitoring agents and monitoring functions. Nagios is rather a small, lightweight monitoring system reduced to the bare essential of monitoring: an event management […]

High Availability on OpenStack

ICCLab’s MobileCloud Networking solution is supposed to offer private cloud services to end users. MobileCloud is based on OpenStack. Since our OpenStack installation is supposed to be used mainly by end users, it is necessary to provide High Availability.

As mobile end users we all know that we want our IT services to be available everytime and everywhere – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. End users normally don’t reflect that this requirement is challenge for system architects, developers and engineers who offer the IT services. Cloud components must be kept under regular maintenance to remain stable and secure. While performing maintenance changes, engineers have to shut down components. At the same time the service should still remain available for the end user. Achieving High Availability in a cloud environment is a very complex and challenging task.