IEEE Cloud – 1st July 2014

In yesterday’s post, we gave an initial feeling of IEEE Cloud. This is a follow up which highlights some of the activity on July 1.

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IEEE Cloud – 30th June 2014

This year was our first attendance at IEEE Cloud. We did not really know what to expect. This is the first of 2-3 posts which capture some of what went on at the conference.

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CLEEN 2014 – Call for Papers

The Future Internet will consists in more flexible radio access networks which are less centralized than the network infrastructure we have today. Integration of flexible heterogeneous radio access networks in HetNets will allow further social diffusion of the mobile internet. Therefore the IEEE is exploring novel concepts to allow for flexibly centralised radio access networks using cloud-processing based on open IT platforms. The Second International Workshop on Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile Communication Networks” (CLEEN) 2014 is scheduled for April 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. The goal of the workshop is research and discussion of technologies which enable cloud-based radio access networks that allow for high quality networking in terms of energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Building the Future Internet as a cloud-based Internet requires new concepts for the design, operation, and
optimization of radio access networks and backhaul networks as well as a tight integration of networks in cloud-processing IT infrastructures. Therefore a call for papers is assigned.

Paper submission deadline is: October 15th 2013

Acceptance Notification: December 15th 2013
Camera-ready: January 10th 2013

Further Information about the CLEEN 2014 can be found here:


ICCLab @ CLEEN 2013 in Las Vegas

The “Dependability Modeling Framework” (DMF) becomes famous: Konstantin Benz and Thomas M. Bohnert will present their newest paper about the Dependability Modeling Framework at the First International Workshop on “Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile Communication Network” (CLEEN) which takes place from September 2-5 in Las Vegas. The ICCLab researchers will show a methodology on how to test system architectures for their ability to implement High Availability characteristics in the cloud. Thomas M. Bohnert will also present a poster which shows how the DMF is applied to the Mobile Cloud Networking (MCN) project.


The CLEEN workshop is the first conference of the IEEE dedicated to the topic of energy efficiency in mobile communication. It is is a joint initiative of three ICT projects funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). CLEEN workshop is organized in conjunction with the VTC 2013-Fall conference.