Author: trui

CYCLOPS Dashboard: Usage visualization, rate configuration & billing for OpenStack

The first version of the Rating, Charging and Billing Dashboard is now available on Github! The dashboard is targeted towards a cloud service provider and their client. It has different views for an end user and a cloud administrator. The dashboard interacts with the different micro services of Rating, Charging & Billing to get the relevant data and for storing the configuration settings.

Following are some of the salient features of the dashboard –

  • OpenAM powered authentication and authorization.
  • Association of OpenStack account with the dashboard account
  • Separate view for an end user and a cloud administrator
  • User rights management
  • Visualization of resources consumed
  • Enabling different rate policy for cloud resources
  • Visualization of the generated rate of a resource
  • Visualization of charge data generated for a user

Let’s have a look at the features in detail:  Continue reading

Benjamin Truninger

Beni Truninger is a researcher at the ICCLab, currently working on the Rating, Charging and Billing project. Before joinging the cloud computing team, he had already been at the InIT for two and a half years, participating in different projects in Information Security.

Beni has a bachelor’s degree in IT from Zurich University of Applied Sciences with experience in Web Development, Software Engineering and Security.

In his free time, he regularly plays Tennis, likes learning new languages and is a fan of various TV series.