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Provisioning Openstack with Foreman and Packstack

This post will describe how to set up Foreman and provision an OpenStack environment via PackStack. We demonstrate this through OpenStack installation on two Nodes. Foreman 1.8 is used to install the Host System on the Nodes and PackStack to provision OpenStack.

Installing Foreman

First thing we do is installing Foreman on the management host inside a VM and we use Vagrant to have the installation part of Foreman already automated in case of redeployment. The requirements include: Vagrant and VirtualBox installed, as well as having the “Ubuntu/Trusty64” box added to Vagrant.

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SDN workshop 20 November 2014

On the 20th of November, the third SDN-workshop of the Software Defined Networking group of Switzerland took place in ZHAW in Winterthur. For a full day arround 25 people discussed SDN/NFV, OpenSource vs OpenSystems, impressions about (open) standards and recommendations from SDOs such as ETSI/SDNRG and other SDN related issues.

The point of the workshop was to discuss advances in this exciting technology within Switzerland and surrounding areas.sdn workshop group pictureThe following presentations were made at the workshop:

As someone new to SDN, it was a great opportunity to see exciting research going on with this technology. All the talks were very interesting, but I especially liked the presentation about Service chaining using SDN by David Hausheer from the TU Darmstadt. He showed us how they used SDN and OpenFlow technology to make it easier to set up rules for complex network configurations. Basically with the system they developed you can drag and drop services (eg a firewall or a proxy) into a Service chain and for the different users appropriate rules will be inserted into the OpenFlow Switches to realize this compound service. It was very interesting to see how SDN is currently used and the possibility to support networking processes with this technology. Overall it was also great to meet these SDN specialists and the activities they are carrying out in the area of Software Defined Networking with strong ideas.

The SDN community in Switzerland is growing and we are looking forward to the next workshop which will be held sometime in Q1 of 2015. So if you are interested in it, join the Linkedin group or contact one of the chairs directly (Kurt Baumann or Thomas Michael Bohnert).

Yannic Itten

Yannic Itten is doing a one year internship in the cloud computing lab as part of his training to become an application developer. He is currently a student at an IT highschool called “Informatikmittelschule” in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. During his stay, he is working on the software defined networking project of the ICCLab.