Author: cadr

Comparison of Ryu and OpenDaylight Northbound APIs

For our SDK4SDN work we made a comparison between two SDN controllers: Ryu and Opendaylight. We focused on the Northbound APIs of the controllers and we compared the capabilities and ease of use of their respective REST APIs.

Both controllers support REST, which is based on a mix of HTTP, JSON and XML. In Ryu a WSGI web server is used to create the REST APIs, which link with other systems and browsers. In OpenDaylight, the Jersey library provides the REST APIs with both JSON and XML interfaces. Jersey also provides its own API to simplify RESTful services by extending the JAX-RS toolkit which is compliant with the Northbound API.

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Glorjan Çadri

GlorjanGlorjan Çadri is an intern at ZHAW InIT Cloud Computing Lab who found ICCLab through IAESTE program for exchange of students for technical experience.

He is a student from Polytechnic University of Tirana, studying Computer Engineering in Faculty of Information Technologies.

During his six months internship, he will be working on Software Defined Networking, particularly in Software Development Kit for Software Defined Networking project.