Full-stack Monitoring for OpenStack

by Josef Spillner


The Ceilometer project is a core OpenStack service that provide collection of metering data on managed virtual resources (e.g. compute, storage, networking). Before it was only possible to collect data from OpenStack virtual resources which are running upon an OpenStack deployment. The work presented hereafter addresses this issue outlines a means to monitor both virtual and physical resources in an integrated common approach. This work has been appearsd in the upcoming OpenStack release named “Icehouse”.

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Victor Munteanu

Victor Munteanu is a researcher at ZHAW InIT Cloud Computing Lab. His research interests include different aspects of Multi-Agent Systems, Cloud Computing, Service-Oriented Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Victor received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from West University of Timişoara. Before joining ICCLab he was a young researcher at Institute e-Austria Timişoara and Computer Science Department of West University of Timişoara. Besides his experience in IT industry, he was involved in FP7 projects mOSAIC and MODAClouds.

At ICCLab, Victor is pursuing his postdoc on Cloud Incident Management.