Study Trip to London’s most promising Startups

London, a global hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, is set to welcome a group of curious minds from Switzerland’s esteemed ZHAW University. Master students from Business Administration – Major Innovation and Entrepreneurship are joining the study trip with the goal to delve into the stories behind some of London’s most promising startups.

Fintech & Financial Services

We’ll start our journey by visiting the Embassy of Switzerland, where the students will be introduced to London’s dynamic startup scene. After that, we’ll explore startups in the Fintech & Financial Services sector. APEXX Global is revolutionizing global commerce with its consolidated payment gateway, making transactions seamless and efficient. Yonder, with its lifestyle credit card, offers a unique blend of financial services and rewards tailored for Londoners. ProGrad is a financial platform tailored to assist individuals in achieving their monetary goals, offering strategies to earn, save, or invest, while also providing educational resources to empower users with financial knowledge. FE fundinfo empowers confident investments through accurate, timely fund information, enhancing industry connectivity. Meanwhile, Caxton FX specializes in international payment and foreign exchange services, ensuring competitive rates for its users. 

Collaboration & Coworking Spaces

Diving into the world of innovation and collaboration, we’ll be visiting three startups that foster creativity and growth. Plexal is a beacon of innovation, focusing on fostering collaboration to solve societal challenges. Similarly, the Imperial Enterprise Lab is an initiative by Imperial College London, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs. Lastly, StartIn Lab stands as the UK’s first app-based incubator, connecting students with successful entrepreneurs.

Innovation and Sustainability

We’ll visit four startups that focuses in innovation and sustainability. ESG Book is a global leader in sustainability data and technology, providing accessible, comparable, and transparent ESG information. Hyphen Archi combines innovative design with sustainable practices in architecture. empowers better decision-making through advanced data solutions. They combine ESG expertise, data science, and AI to help clients master their data.  Meanwhile, Molten Ventures is a dynamic venture capital firm that fuels the growth of innovative startups, with a strong emphasis on technology and disruptive ideas. 

EdTech & Learning Platforms

In the EdTech & Learning startups, we will visit two startups. Perlego is revolutionizing academic access, offering an online library with a vast range of academic resources, complemented by built-in study tools. CKBK, on the other hand, is a digital haven for culinary enthusiasts, offering a curated collection of cookbooks from renowned chefs, making gourmet cooking accessible to all.

3D Modeling & Design

We are visiting design and technology startups like Kaedim and Gravity Sketch. While Kaedim 3D offers an innovative solution to generate 3D models from 2D images, catering to VR developers and 3D artists, Gravity Sketch provides a platform for professionals to design in a 3D space, harnessing the power of augmented and virtual reality.

Online Platforms & Services

We are also excited to explore a diverse array of online platforms & services startups. Bloom & Wild brings the beauty of flowers to your doorstep with its online floral services, whether it is a special occasion or just to brighten someone’s day. Coadjute simplifies property transactions by connecting all parties involved, ensuring a smoother and more transparent process. Fatherli, a unique social app tailored for fathers, offers a supportive community, expert advice, and the latest in parenting and relationship insights, aiming to empower dads from all walks of life to embrace their roles confidently and joyfully. EcoHedge provides leading carbon accounting software tailored for SMEs. Their platform enables businesses to easily measure, manage, and report their carbon emissions, highlighting the urgency of sustainability in a net-zero world. Lastly, Moonshot is a tech-driven solutions provider countering online threats and safeguarding communities globally through evidence-based interventions and ethical practices.

It is evident that London’s startup ecosystem is a melting pot of innovation, creativity, and passion. For our students, this journey promises not just learning but potential collaborations and a deeper understanding of global entrepreneurship.

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