About us

Welcome to “Eat Grow Change”. This Blog was established in 2020. It is motivated by the fact that we have to CHANGE how we EAT and GROW food to provide sustainable healthy diets to a growing population. A food system transformation is necessary to fight climate change, environmental degradation and the different forms of malnutrition that still coexist.

The “Eat Grow Change” blog was initiated at the ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management in Wädenswil by the research group Geography of Food of the Institute of Natural Resource Sciences (IUNR) along with the Department Transversalis (ATV) and the Institute of Food and Beverage Innovation (ILGI). We all want to create a platform to discuss facts and opinions about challenges and innovations related to the world food system. It is a public space that is meant to stimulate thoughts and inspire creative thinking.

Blog articles are primarily written by students, lecturers and researchers from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences dealing with topics related to agriculture, food and nutrition. They can comprise social, political, ecological, economic, technical or cultural aspects of food systems. As a reader you will get insights into topics related to food and agriculture students and researchers at ZHAW are engaged with during their study programs and in their research projects.

Enjoy our blog and please share your opinion with us in the comments!