BoD Members

Swiss Wealth Management Banks: Boards of Directors and Gender Diversity

Swiss wealth management banks show a preference for a lean board structure, as evidenced by our data . The number of board members varies, with a minimum of 3 members in some banks and a maximum of 13 in others. Notably, a significant portion of the banks analyzed have between 5 to 6 board members. This trend suggests a strategic choice for efficiency and perhaps more effective governance, enabling these banks to navigate the complexities of wealth management with agility.

ZHAW Swiss WM Study

Out now: ZHAW Swiss WM Study – Edition 2

Between tradition and transformation – with this study, we aim to contribute to the continuous success and increasing transparency of Swiss wealth management banks.
Based on publicly available data, this study may serve as a fact base for clients and prospects, senior management, professionals, service providers, policymakers, the wider public, research, and academia.
The ZHAW WM Performance Score, a cornerstone of the study, offers a transparent and intuitive assessment of banks’ performance across four key categories.