Adrian Kuenzi

ZHAW Wealth Management Podcast #4: Adrian Kuenzi, Union Bancaire Privée (UBP)

In this interview Chris Künzle, Senior Lecturer for Banking and Finance at ZHAW, engages with Adrian Kuenzi, CEO of Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) in Zurich.

They begin by introducing Adrian Künzi and his journey to becoming CEO. Adrian then provides an overview of UBP, highlighting its USP, wealthy international clientele, and the significance of their prestigious Bahnhofstrasse 1 headquarters in Zurich.

The conversation delves deeper into private markets, discussing UBP’s broad offerings, the current client demand, especially considering the impact of rising interest rates. Adrian also explains UBP’s approach to managing offshore clients and their specific service model tailored to this demanding segment. Adrian shares insights into UBP’s strategic directions and plans for future growth, emphasizing key areas of focus. The two experts explore the attractiveness of Switzerland for new money from offshore locations, the implications of economic and geopolitical turmoil, and potential new focus markets for UBP. The interview concludes with Adrian expressing his top wish for the Swiss financial center, offering a thoughtful perspective on the future of the industry.

Help me, ChatGPT

“ChatGPT, help! I Am in Financial Trouble” – Why Wealth Management Banks Beat AI Every Time

Wealth management banks may be the hidden heroes in a world where AI is becoming increasingly prevalent. As a recent journal article demonstrated, AI can handle data and automate processes – but the value of human touch in wealth management is unparalleled.

In this article, I explore why wealth management banks excel where AI falls short, highlight the importance of empathy, trust, holistic financial planning, regulatory navigation, and personalized client education.

Tobias Fischer

ZHAW Wealth Management Podcast #3: Dr. Tobias Fischer, Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft

Gemeinsam werfen wir einen spannenden Blick hinter die Kulissen: Dr. Fischer stellt die Bank, ihre Dienstleistungen und Zielkunden vor und erörtert das Erfolgsgeheimnis hinter dem starken Ergebnis der Frankfurter Bankgesellschaft im jüngsten ZHAW-Ranking, das vor allem FBGs beeindruckendes Wachstum und ihre Profitabilität hervorhebt. Dabei beleuchtet er auch Herausforderungen und mögliche Zielkonflikte. Themen wie Offshore-Kunden, Digitalisierung und strategische Stossrichtungen für zukünftiges Wachstum stehen ebenso im Fokus.

Stefan Jenni

ZHAW Wealth Management Podcast #2: Stefan Jenni, Itaú Private Bank

In this exclusive interview, I sat down down with Stefan Jenni, CEO of Itaú Private Bank in Switzerland.

We explore the bank’s unique value proposition, strategic focus, and client base that distinguish it within the competitive landscape of private banking. Stefan Jenni shares key insights into Itaú Private Bank’s approach in the current macroeconomic uncertainties, and their impact on net new asset flows. The discussion also covers how Switzerland, as a leading financial hub, may navigate the various challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

This is an essential watch for anyone interested in the intersection of tradition and innovation in international private banking.

From Financial Literacy To Financial Well-Being: Enhancing Wealth Management

For wealth management banks, the apparent correlation between financial literacy and financial well-being represents not just a corporate responsibility but a strategic business opportunity. By integrating financial literacy into their many services, wealth management banks may build more robust and intimate client relationships, develop more personalized products and services, and differentiate themselves from their peers in a competitive market.