ZHAW Swiss WM Study

Out now: ZHAW Swiss WM Study – Edition 2

It has been quite an effort, Jonas Hefti and I have been working overtime to get our new flagship study out. It has just been published, and we are pleased with the initial feedback we heard.

Some of our key insights include:

  • Declining AUM across the board – private banks more stable than big banks
  • Small private banks dominate the rankings – focused wealth management pays off
  • UBS only ranked 38th – are there limits to economies of scale?
  • High personnel costs in private banking – large differences between cantonal banks
  • Women still underrepresented on boards of directors

The study has been prominently featured on Finews yesterday, thank you Claude Baumann and team for your excellent coverage and continuous support of our efforts.

Over the next weeks, we are going to dive deeper into interesting aspects and findings of the study, there is a lot more to unpack – stay tuned!

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