Middleware 2020 System Demonstrations Accepted

As applied sciences researchers focusing on new digital application designs implemented and deployed with multiple computing paradigms, we emphasise the practical nature of our contributions and the direct transferability to stakeholders in industry and society. In this context, we are happy to report that two system demonstrations have been recently accepted to be presented at the 21st ACM/IFIP Middleware 2020 conference running from December 7-11 in «virtual Delft». Read on for details.

The first demo explains how to do hierarchical (geospatial) topic aggregation in pub/sub message brokers. Our tool HTABroker can use emulation or flexible functions deployed to Pulsar Functions. Geospatial indexing systems like Geohash, H3 and NUTS are supported to find out how geographic areas fit together. A preliminary version has been made available already, whereas the final version will have even more control over how messages are propagated.

The second demo explains how the MAO Orchestrator helps in reliably fetching data and producing statistics about microservice artefacts. This way, software developers can integrate meaningful warnings into their development tools (“this container is vulnerable”, “this cloud function is not completely described”). The orchestrator is under continuous development, as are multiple covered application packaging formats and artefact types.

Registration to the conference will open soon – to participate, revisit its website.

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