The following people with international background work in and with the Service Prototyping Lab.

Dr.-Ing. habil. Josef Spillner, tenured senior lecturer (associate professor), head of lab

Dr. Piyush Harsh, permanent senior researcher, research initiative lead: Cloud Accounting and Billing

Dr. Sebastiano Panichella, permanent senior researcher, research initiative lead: Cloud-Native Applications

Dr. Seán Murphy, permanent senior researcher, research initiative lead: Service Tooling

Panagiotis Gkikopoulos, MSc, research assistant + PhD candidate in PhD Network in Data Science with University of Neuchâtel

Oleksii Serhiienko, BSc, research assistant + part-time MSE student

Diego Martín, research assistant/intern

Ali Daghighi, research assistant/intern

Daiana Boruta, research assistant/intern

  • joining 09/2019

Visiting researchers:

Associated students:

  • Ambrósio Patrício Vumo, cooperative PhD, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Mozambique
  • Stanley Ramalho Lima, cooperative PhD, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
  • Fabian Camenzind (2018), BSc
  • Matteo Miljkovic (2019), BSc
  • Benjamin Brantschen (2019), BSc
  • Daniel Hass (2019+), MSc


  • Janine Walther (2016-17), moved to local industry
  • Dr. Giovanni Toffetti (2015-17), still with us at neighbouring ICCLab
  • Martin Skoviera (2017), moved to local industry and on to big industry
  • Manuel Perez Belmonte (2017-18), moved to local industry
  • Tobias Lötscher (2015-18), moved to local industry
  • Manuel Ramírez López (2016-18), moved to local industry
  • Stefan Junker (2018), moved on to big industry
  • Serhii Dorodko (2017-19), moved on
  • Mohammed Al-Ameen (2018-19), moved on (blog posts)