Cloud Accounting and Billing

The world is showing an increasing acceptance for multi/hybrid cloud deployment models, compared to largely a single provider deployment models seen until now. Concepts such as Edge / Fog computing together with IoT use cases are creating a buzz. Currently, a deployment with a thousand VMs or containers is already considered complex. IoT together with Fog/Edge deployment models, and additionally with emergence of smart everything everywhere goal, the number of active components in a reasonable deployment can easily become billions. The well known processes of accounting and billing will increasingly transform themselves into big data problems. With such a transformation, comes newer challenges:

– how does one balance the competing requirements of multi-step aggregation heavy data transmission strategy with fine-grained audit-ability requirements of invoice/bill data from the regulators / users ?
– what are the relevant billable metrics for an IoT application with Edge/Fog deployment model?
– what is the cost of billing process itself for such deployments, is it cost effective? If not, what will the architecture transformation look like?
– will secure ledgers become a key enabler technology for our problem?
– how can emerging paradigms such as FaaS be used to minimize self cost?

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