OSAD 2020 Talk Accepted

Automation is one of the key concerns in cloud environments. The need to introduce effort-saving automation around the process of bringing new applications to powerful cloud environments ranges from developer tooling over testing and deployment to operational concerns. According to Nokia’s Eric Bauer, application service efficiency is the ratio of service output produced to resource input consumed, and automation can significantly reduce the input effort.

OSAD, the Open Source Automation Days, originated in Munich to bring the community around this topic together. The event will run due to circumstances as online event from October 19 to 21, 2020. It assembles talks around distributed microservice architectures, K8s application management, K8s operators, GitOps, DBaaS and so forth.

From Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Josef Spillner will present established and emerging approaches to tackle the increasing amounts of log files that providers of managed cloud services, from infrastructure to the application level, have to tackle. Logs are useful, but waste space, and sometimes keeping them around is required by regulations. Being able to know what is in them and how to decrease their size, with a high degree of automation, is therefore a goal of providers. In the talk «Successful Drowning in Log Files», recent achievements around fast log file aggregation, transformation, facts and insights extraction, as well as structure-exploiting and structure-preserving compression will be summarised and demonstrated. This includes recent industry research results from Huawei, Facebook and Google, but also promising prototypes from Zurich.

To attend the event and learn more about such tools and techniques, reserve your tickets here.

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