In May 2020, the Swiss Environment & Energy Innovation Monitor conducted a survey with 125 Swiss #startups in this sector on the impacts of the #corona pandemic. Here are some highlights:

📊 While 72% of the startups were negatively hit by the effects of the pandemic. 28% experienced no effect or even benefits from increased demand.

🗺️ The impacts differed by regions. While about 68% of startups in German-speaking Switzerland experienced a negative impact, all responding startups from Italian-speaking Switzerland experienced challenges.

⌛ A majority of the startups however think that the impact will only be short-term (3 to 6 months)

📉 Startups with public authorities as a customer segment are more affected by COVID−19, compared to the ones that do not, as projects were put on hold as focus moved towards the pandemic.

🤝42% of respondents are experiencing challenges raising money from investors, as uncertainty in current and future investments prevail.

Access the full factsheet here:

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