Towards sustainable mobility with OPTIMISM

The OPTIMISM project held its final conference on 16th of September 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. Around 80 experts from universities, research institutes and associations, as well as project members and other key stakeholders attended the event. The main results of OPTIMISM as well as other current transport related issues were presented and discussed.

The first panel discussion dealt with” Strategies, Technologies and Methodologies for Sustainable Mobility”, whereas the second one focused on “Future perspectives on sustainable mobility”. Changing demographics, lifestyles and mobility patterns, the role of technologies in the future as well as resource shortages and transport related emissions were central topics.

The key note speaker Michael Cramer (MEP) focused on transport and climate change and stated that private motorized mobility is currently too cheap in Europe, whereas the public transport modes and especially rail and waterways should be made more competitive. According to Cramer one solution for safer urban transport with reduced air pollution, CO2 and noise emissions would be a general speed limit of 30 km/h.

OPTIMISM conference material

A link to OPTIMISM conference videos


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