The Future of Mobility

The Swiss Energy Symposium in Zurich discussed the future of mobility with more than 200 participants and a variety of speakers addressing different topics. Merja Hoppe presented an overview on technological, social, economic and political trends.

Merja Hoppe speaking at the SES Symposium 2018 (Source:

Together these trends – such as autonomous driving, change of lifestyle and new app-based mobility solutions – are expected to change how we travel in the future in a fundamental way. Less clear is the direction of this transformation. As future does not happen occasionally, the question of future mobility is not one of anticipating the future, but of deciding on the future we want to have. Having the principles of sustainability in mind for mobility this might mean shifting our focus and decisions: from (material) living standard to quality of live ; from wealth to well-being ; from consuming to using ; from auto-mobility to individualized public transport ; from efficiency to sufficiency.

Presentations of the day are available at (in German) Slides as pdf

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