Im Einsatz für nachhaltige Mobilität im ländlichen Raum: SUSMOBTOGG – Sustainable Multimodal Mobility in Toggenburg

Michael Stiebe, Iljana Schubert, Andrea Del Duce Die Verkehrswende in Richtung eines nachhaltigeren und gerechteren Mobilitätssystems hat sich als zentrales Thema in Politik und Gesellschaft etabliert. Lange Zeit stand die Verkehrswende in einem stark städtischen Kontext, während den ländlichen Räumen weniger Aufmerksamkeit durch Politik und Forschung geschenkt wurde. So sind es doch die ländlichen Räume, […]

Costs of multimodal alternatives compared to the private fossil fuel car

The future of private car mobility might be predominantly electric and powered by batteries. However, the environmental impacts of electric vehicles increase significantly with larger battery sizes. When relying on car utilization, vehicles with smaller batteries (i.e. smaller car, shorter range) should generally be preferred. However, the adoption of small cars is exacerbated by misjudgments […]

Would you be better off switching to a sustainable mobility lifestyle partly based on electric mobility?

Alternative mobility lifestyles are often seen as costly compared to owning a conventional car. We provide a basis for discussion and compare total cost of ownership of Swiss conventional car users and three sustainable mobility lifestyles with participants of the Swiss Household Energy Demand Survey conducted in 2020. The future of private car mobility might […]