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Results of city logistics research project at the “Basel meets Zurich”

Basel meets Zurich

City logistics was the topic of the annual event “Basel meets Zurich” at the exhibition Logistics & Distribution in Zurich. Cantonal councillors of Basel and Zurich and experts from industry and science exchanged their ideas on the challenges and solutions in urban logistics. Helene Schmelzer, researcher at the Institute of Sustainable Development, presented the results of the city logistics research project in Zurich, financed by the Commission for Technology and Innovation. The study shows that cooperation between transporting companies can reduce costs up to 18% and decrease the vehicle kilometres travelled by 32%. However the project cannot be continued as originally planned. The sudy revealed certain obstacles for sharing which are not only based in the competitive setting of transport industry. Regulatory frameworks, incompatible constraints and interests of the stakeholders prevented a joint solution. At the same time a concept for implementation on a smaller scale was developed, aiming at the operation of electric vehicles for the pickup and delivery of goods in the inner city.

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