Potential for Micromobility – presentation of Merja Hoppe at the event „Denkfabrik Mikromobilität“ in Nürnberg, Germany

Studies dealing with the future development of the transportation sector reveal certain trends which are about to transform the market fundamentally (see graph based on a meta-analysis of publications in Germany, Austria and Switzerland). Changes of consumer behaviour on the demand side together with restrictions addressing climate change and funding of the transport system open the field for new mobility concepts. This might lead to a restructuring of the transport market with new players entering the market providing flexible, consumer-friendly as well as energy efficient and emission saving solutions.

Micromobility solutions are expected to benefit from these trends. They can provide a last mile solution in a sharing system for public transport and thus support individualized mobility, which is competitive to the car (https://blog.zhaw.ch/bicar/).


Link to „Denkfabrik Mikromobilität“ http://www.bayern-innovativ.de/mikromobilitaet2016

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