Our contribution to TRB in 2015

INE has presented a poster at the Transport Research Board (TRB), a worldwide conference that has taken place in Washington on January 11-15 2015. The poster shows results of the EU-project METPEX (see below).

The poster focuses on the relationship between land use and mobiltiy behaviour. In Switzerland leisure trips compared to working trips are higher urban centres than in rural areas. This reveals that despite high land use density implies a high number of services, it is associated with high mobility demand. A likely reason might be that land use density is not attractive for a group of cititzens that aspire to better quality of life out of densely populated urban centres. Therefore, the poster suggests that regional and city planning should be integrated together with transport planning to increase quality of life by taking into account lifestyle and requirements of citizens.


Schlagwörter: Land use, Switzerland

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