Mobility Concept Schaffhausen

The Institute for Sustainable Development (INE), developed a mobility concept for the Regional Natural Park of Schaffhausen.In the context of the creation and establishment of the Natural Park Schaffhausen a concept for sustainable mobility will be developed. The concept is to optimize mobility to and from the park and visitor management. Due to the expansion of the park and the situation of Schaffhausen with large rural areas and the town of Schaffhausen as a center with good transport links, mobility in and to the natural park must be considered as part of the overall system of transport and mobility in the canton.In order to promote mobility in the Natural Park Schaffhausen towards sustainability, mobility must therefore be considered from the user’s perspective. The mobility concept applies a user perspective in areas and activities. Mobility is therefore considered over the entire path of “door to door” beyond the mere choice of transport mode, in order to address decision and mobility behavior of individuals with suitable measures.

Schlagwörter: Mobility plan, Schaffhausen

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