METRIC – Measuring innovation

The METRIC project is a part of the EU FP7 framework program and is about measuring innovation and developing recommendations to improve innovation potential on a regional scale and context. The aim of the project is to enable classification of regions based on their innovation potential and to provide decision makers with personalized guidelines / recommendations in order to improve a region’s potential.

The Kick-Off Meeting of the METRIC project took place in Coventry on 17th-18th of October 2013. Each project partner sent participants to Coventry University to discuss the workflow of the next 18 months, which is the estimated project duration. The project partners are TU Delft, Joint Research Centre (Seville), University of Belgrade, Coventry University and ZHAW. During the Kick-Off Meeting many questions and discussions were raised about how to create a database and about the precise definition of innovation. What does the term “innovation” include is an essential issue since innovation can be understood as system, technology, product, process, marketing or organisational innovation. Especially in the mobility sector versatile definitions exist.

The figure below presents the project’s structure.



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