History and Future Relevance of State Borders

Merja Hoppe and Andreas Christ from the INE mobility team attended the T2M conference in Kouvola, Finland and in St. Petersburg, Russia on 25th – 28th of September 2013 and presented their paper on “History and Future Relevance of State Borders: Mobility as a border crosser?” (see image below).

Together with other partners they also presented results of the EU FP7 project RACE2050 in the panel “Chronological Borders: Can Historians Face the Future of Mobility?”.

Mobility and transport industries are a subject to a continuous transformation process which alters their structures. Changing demand and need for transportation require a redesign of the classic transport systems. The importance of boundaries as well as the type and number of competitors follow and influence this process.


Schlagwörter: Europe, Foresight

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