Ageing and the role of public transport

As a part of the EU project METPEX accessibility issues in Europe are identified and analysed. Demographic ageing is one determining factor influencing mobility patterns and accessibility in Europe including Switzerland.

The possibility to drive a vehicle and the availability and affordability of public transport services are ways to improve the mobility situation of elderly. Accessibility and independent travelling have a positive impact on the quality of life and are part of an active lifestyle. Public transport provides important transport connections especially for persons without a car, driving licence or the ability to operate a vehicle.

As seen in the figure below, there are several reasons for choosing to travel by public transport in Switzerland. Low tariffs and frequent connections turned out to be relevant for all age groups. Luggage transport services, improved safety and security during travel and a barrier-free access to public transport for pedestrians gain on importance with age and are especially important for persons over 80 years (BFS&ARE, 2012).


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