Cooperational platform for urban logistics in Zurich

In the following 2 years an IT-based platform for urban logistics will be developed for the City of Zurich and proved in a pilot project. The platform allows a better cooperation between different transport companies, such as the consolidation of goods in consolidation centres. Evaluations of city logistics schemes show that consolidation of goods can reduce travel distance by 60-80% and thus led to a reduction of energy consumption and emissions (Allen et al. 2012).

In this project that is financed by the Commission of Technology and Innovation (CTI) the ZHAW is working together with the city of Zurich, the logistics providers Planzer, the Swiss Post and Veloblitz, the Zurich Trade Association and the ICT developer cabtus. More information about the project and the results will be published continuously on this blog.


Schlagwörter: Logistics, Zurich

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