What works and what doesn’t: How to motivate people to walk the extra mile for better distributed free-floating carsharing cars?

Iljana Schubert, Michael Stiebe and Uros Tomic Over the last years, we have witnessed a rapid growth in the number of free-floating carsharing schemes. These are mobility schemes where cars can be picked-up or dropped-off at any location within a city zone. Such a scheme exists, for example, in Basel with Mobility-Go. These mobility schemes […]

Beitrag „Digitale Intensität und Management der Transformation“ ist veröffentlicht

Digitale Technologien sind zentrale Treiber für das Entwickeln und Umsetzen digitaler Geschäftsmodelle. Die vorliegende Studie zeigt, dass neben der Entwicklung notwendiger Technologien weitere Bausteine wesentlich sind. Das Entwickeln und Umsetzen digitaler Geschäftsmodelle beruht zudem auf der Vernetzung von Prozessen und dem Entwickeln notwendiger Fähigkeiten/Know-how. Weiter sind gezielte Aktivitäten des Managements und des Leaderships notwendig. Die […]

Social, mobility-related and energetic consequences of the Covid-19-induced home office for the employees of the ZHAW School of Engineering

The Covid-19 crisis has introduced disruptive changes in the way we organise our everyday life. One of those changes is the increased deployment of home office. Before the Covid-19 crisis, home office has been predominantly discussed in the context of its positive implications for work-life balance and sustainable mobility. However, relying solely on home office […]